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IQxLab was founded by former medical device software gurus who have made reliability and security a way of life.  We exist for a singular purpose:  to serve families who are trying to get and stay healthy, without going broke!

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During a soccer game a few years ago, my son began having some alarming breathing problems. The specific condition he suffered from was, unfortunately, one which is commonly misdiagnosed as asthma. As my wife and I navigated our way through the health care system trying to get help for our son, we had many doctor visits, hospital stays, and diagnostic tests. We soon found that the mountain of paper from insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, and labs that greeted us every…

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surprise! you owe! May 26, 2017

surprise! you owe!

Get a grip on medical costs with pfling!health. Need help making sense of the bills and insurance papers you get in the mailbox? Let pfling!health help.

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pfling!health version 1.0 release March 3, 2017

pfling!health version 1.0 release

IQx is happy to announce the release of pfling!health version 1.0!

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